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Site Like Kahoot. One of the best features is that bookwidgets offers over 40 learning templates, including crosswords, riddles, and memory games. Quizziz is very similar to kahoot and a great alternative to kahoot for making and sharing educational quizzes and games online.

10 sites like Kahoot
10 sites like Kahoot from

If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 25 alternatives to kahoot! Research alternative solutions to kahoot! As the name suggests, it’s the quiz games app, much like kahoot.

Join A Kahoot With A Pin Provided By The Host And Answer Questions On Your Device.

Slido is a kahoot alternative intended for meetings, events, and other interactions. Kahoot makes learning impactful, fun, and engaging for its millions of users around the world. After logging in to quizziz, you immediately have access to thousands of quizzes that have been created by other users.

As The Name Suggests, It’s The Quiz Games App, Much Like Kahoot.

The platform allows its users to design quizzes and creates a challenging environment that ignites people's desires to learn something new. Bookwidgets is aimed at educators of all levels, from elementary school to tertiary level professors. (just look at all of the screens the student in the foreground of the photo can see from his desk.) unique features.

On G2, With Real User Reviews On Competing Tools.

Remembers how each student scored on each. On kahoot’s free plan, users have access to just 2 types of slides: To see how it works!

Kahoot Was Created By Jamie Brooker, Johan Brand, And Morten Versvik In 2013.

Subscription cost is very reasonable too. Gimkit, blooket, socrative, quizlet, quizzizz, class kick, desmos also, i just used kahoot right before the holiday break, and it was free. It allows for quick and easy creation of questions and assignments.

Kahoot Is A Popular Platform That Provides An Endless Way For Entertainment And Education.

One class didn't like it though so we just played classic mode. Sourceforge ranks the best alternatives to kahoot! Other interesting free alternatives to kahoot!

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